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Big Dutchman feed pans: easy access to feed at any age in broiler production

Big Dutchman feed pans: easy access to feed at any age in broiler production.

For more than eight decades, the equipment supplier headquartered in Germany has been making sure that farmers can feed their livestock safely and according to the birds’ needs. A case in point: the company’s wide range of feed pans, which meet many different requirements. The newest addition is the robust Viva 330 feed pan, which comes without a grille.

Viva 330 consists of just four parts and is quickly assembled. The design also ensures perfect hygiene: thorough cleaning takes very little time.

For broilers to be happy and grow ideally, feed pans must succeed at one very important task: meeting the requirements of both day-old chicks and heavy birds in the final grow-out period. For Viva 330, this is guaranteed by an automatic 360° flooding mechanism, which ensures a high feed level at any bird age. Big Dutchman feed pans

Viva 330 is made of a robust and UV-stabilised plastic material with a long service life. Its smooth pan rim curved to the inside prevents feed wastage.


Another feed pan from the Big Dutchman product range is ChickNic. ChickNic comes with an integrated storage container to prevent performance losses caused by power failures. The maximum capacity of the storage container is fifteen litres. Depending on the birds’ age, five, ten or fifteen litres of feed can be stored. Of course the pan can also be used mechanically.

About Big Dutchman

Big Dutchman is the world’s leading equipment supplier for modern poultry production. The product range includes traditional and computer-controlled feeding and housing equipment as well as systems for climate control and air cleaning. The scope of services varies from small to large, fully integrated turn-key farms. Big Dutchman provides its customers with all options – from planning to commissioning. The company’s history dates back to 1938, when the company founders invented the world’s first automatic feeding system. Today, the company headquarters are located in Vechta, Germany, where about 850 of the 3,400 employees worldwide work. The reliable systems from the German poultry equipment supplier can be found across all five continents and in more than 100 countries.

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