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AGI – Exceeding Customer Experience through Manufacturing Excellence and Innovation

AGI – Exceeding Customer Experience through Manufacturing Excellence and Innovation.

With over 30 years of experience, AGI’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa business is headquartered Bologna, Italy. With state-of-the-art facilities in the region, AGI is one of the leading manufacturers of Storage and Handling equipment for Grain, Fertilizer, and Rice.

AGI manufactures a complete range of equipment: silos, catwalks, ladders, platforms, bucket elevators, chain conveyors, temperature systems, sweeps, weighing, bagging, and dryers, all with a focus on Manufacturing Excellence and Continuous Innovation.

Additionally, AGI prides itself on being a Complete Turn-key solutions provider, concentrating on customization and efficiency. AGI serves a wide range of customers in various industries including farm, grain traders, millers, and feed mills.

Engineering and Innovation for your needs:

AGI’s Engineering capabilities extend across all facets of the project from design to installation and commissioning. The team consists of highly experienced regional designers & engineers, who use state-of-the-art technologies and tools to tailor the ideal solution for each customer.

The engineers also engage in continuous learning to stay on top of developments and current trends in the industry, allowing them to better serve customers. Seismology, structural design, and grain management are a few examples of topics that are constantly being researched to improve AGI’s designs. When it comes to manufacturing, the company provides the perfect synergy of quality materials, detailed designs and streamlined processes, ensuring that the equipment meets the exact specifications of the customer. The equipment is also subject to very stringent testing conditions and high standards in quality to increase performance and longevity.

Innovation is at the forefront of everything at AGI, as they strive to solve customers’ problems and address the needs of the industry. With the launch of AGI’s L-Line last year, focusing on bringing cost-effective material handling solutions to farmers along with the expansion of new Fertilizer Solutions across South Africa, AGI leads the industry in launching products that help improve your operations.

Top Customer Experience is always the goal:

For AGI, customer service and satisfaction are paramount. The team focuses on spending time early in the project to understand the customer’s needs and propose customized solutions that work best for them. They leverage their vast experience and technical capabilities to provide the best outcomes for all projects. The focus on customer experience is also demonstrated by the commitment to keeping communication open, sharing knowledge, and striving to balance efficiency in the overall investment and operating costs.

Additionally, with their annual Grain Training Programs, AGI believes in giving back to their valued customers – where they share their expert knowledge on how to manage grain operations.

Having executed countless projects in the region, AGI is truly a preferred partner for your project needs. To talk to the team, email:

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