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Sustainable biotechnological solutions for African agriculture sector

Sustainable biotechnological solutions for African agriculture sector.

Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the African economic activity catering for more than two thirds of the continent’s working population. According to FAO agriculture is the largest
contributor to GDP hence becoming an economic backbone for most African countries. In a sector that has a huge impact in our lives there is need to constant improvement,
be it machinery, chemicals and technology, after all as the saying goes “the only constant in life is change”, change for the better though.

One other way to improve agriculture practices in Africa is through partnerships with well-established companies that add value to the agricultural ecosystem, one such partner is Lithuanian biotechnology company Bioenergy LT founded in 2013. It is the largest innovative biotechnology company in Northern Europe in terms of production capacity.

With the help of advanced production technologies, it develops and manufactures microbiological products for the optimization of plant nutrition. Trying to meet the food needs of a growing population, majority of African farmers use intensive farming that adversely affects the humus. It is not just soil – it is a community of living organisms. Organic matter is a farming ground for many types of microbes and other microorganisms that help plants roots absorb necessary nutrients.

The aim of every conscious farmer is to maintain optimal humus content by adding organic fertilizers in the soil. Bioenergy LT aims the same – with the help of microbiological products to increase humus that makes soil loose and very friable, improves the structure of soil. Aftercall, it is easier for plant roots to grow by providing them with better access to nutrients, water
and most importantly oxygen. The use of chemical pesticides has traditionally been the most
important option for disease management. Plant pathogens and their associated diseases
are major limitations to crop production. Effective beneficial microorganisms that are in Bioenergy LT manufactured products are typically more competitive than pathogens, thereby reducing opportunities for the pathogen or excluding the pathogen from attacking crops. Beneficial microorganisms help to reduce pathogen invasion on the crop.

Combining biological, chemical, and cultural control options for disease management is efficient, economical, and very attractive for better crop quality and environmental sustainability. Bioenergy LT stands for vast amount of know-how on both scientific and technological level, with its competence stretching all the way from research to finished microbiological products. The company runs innovative processes, feasibility trial and processes optimization in agreement with customers’ demands, with a dedication to developing new biological solutions that provide unprecedented performance for customers.

Reasons to partner with Bioenergy LT
High quality

The company is committed to quality and offers innovative high biotech products, at a great value investment.


Thanks to technology developed by the company, unique microbiological products for
agriculture are offered to the market.


Sustainable biotech solutions to the customers.

Wide range of products

The products have proven themselves in various geographical regions and different climatic conditions. Sustainable biotechnological solutions

Biotechnology driven

The company continually seeks solutions to improve products efficiency and performance.


The company provides leading biotech solutions to the customers who get cost effective microbiological products.

Bioenergy LT believes in the power of people and long-term relationships that bring mutual
benefit and value. By becoming a partner, you become a player in the international market, but
you still remain a local specialist providing the best solutions to customers. We believe in win wins and will do our best to ensure your success. Become a qualified business partner of the most innovative and sustainable biotech solutions provider for the agriculture market! More information: https://